General — 29 March 2013
Is Surgery My Only Option?

You may be worried from your last doctor’s visit that you may have to have surgery to correct whatever is ailing you. There are several options to discuss with your doctor that may be less invasive than surgery. In some situations when the surgery is not an emergency procedure, seeking a second opinion is highly recommended before you allow any doctor to perform a surgery. Aside from emergency situations where surgery is the only option, less invasive treatment options like medication, physical therapy, and diet changes can help you correct whatever deficiency you might have. When you take medication there maybe drugs that can be prescribed that may promote healing in the region affected. Sometimes swelling and inflammation can prevent healing so a doctor who is able to prescribe some sort of anti-inflammatory course of treatment may use this as an alternative to surgery. Physical Therapists as well as Chiropractors can work wonders in some situations and they don’t need a scalpel to improve your condition. Through manipulations of the muscles and joints these healthcare providers can give a patient a more natural and “holistic” treatment option. Also, seeking out the help of a nutritionist may provide some results when diet can improve your situation. Because proper nutrition reduces the workload and toll on the body it may prove to be a beneficial style of treatment before taking meds or even going under for surgery. There will be times however when surgery will be necessary. After you have tried different non-invasive type treatments, surgery may be the only refuge for your ailment(s). With the cost of surgeries rising, having any surgical procedure can prove to be a financial burden on most individuals. If your surgery is needed because of the negligence of another you may have some avenues to explore. Personal injury attorneys have used directories like to build a network of doctors on lien they use for their clients. On Power Liens attorneys are able to search through 20+ specialties to find a doctor who will work on a lien. Having your surgery on a lien will mean you won’t have any upfront costs to deal with. With a signature from the attorney, the doctor will perform the surgery and wait to receive payment once the personal injury lawyer settles the legal case with the other party’s insurance carrier. Although surgeries are not the first option for most, not having to worry about the financial pitfalls is at least a small relief when making the decision whether or not to proceed with a surgical procedure.

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