General — 15 March 2013
The Healing Power of Massage

Massage therapy, an alternative form of treatment has been around for over three thousand years. In some cases, traditional methods of medical treatment will fail to provide the relief needed for a patient. Because of its ability to affect the body mentally and physically, massage therapy has a lot of benefits that may go unnoticed. Some of the main advantages of massage are:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Breaks down scar tissue that may connect tissues not meant to be connected
  • Removes toxins
  • Reduce stress
  • Improves sleep pattern

While these are all important the most important to most people is the reduction of stress and improvement in the immune system that comes with it. The body’s reaction to stress is to produce hormones that will be used in a “fight or flight” situation. With these self produced chemicals flowing through your body, the immune system is not able to function at full capacity. With the help of massage your body is able to return to a normal balance because the brain is being sent signals of relaxation and comfort. Now that the mind is fully at ease during a massage, the body produces other natural chemicals such as histamine which causes capillary dilation to allow for better blood flow through the body. This increased blow flow will allow the immune system hormones to flow more easily from the lymph nodes to other parts of the body. In an injury there may be restricted blood flow; that is why massage is an accepted form of treatment to get the necessary flow needed to the affected areas. A quality massage therapist can be hard to find but an online directory called makes it easy to find credible therapists on lien. In their database, Power Liens has incorporated a list of Preferred Providers which are medical practices that have shown to be extremely qualified in handling injury matters. Their sophisticated and proprietary software will allow you to search through their directory and filter your results for offices that offer massage therapy. The great thing is you are able to go on the site and find an office that works for you without any sign-up process.

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