Best Practices — 05 March 2013
Post Concussion Syndrome

In a car accident where it causes whiplash, the brain can be bruised because of the violent acceleration or deceleration of the brain inside the skull. Although wearing a seatbelt can help lower fatality rates in car accidents, their positioning causes the quick change of direction in the neck and head that can lead to the brain bruising. The general result is that the individual will suffer the symptoms of a concussion. Due to the forces affecting the brain an alteration of mental status will occur when you suffer a concussion. This alteration does not have to be brought on by a loss of consciousness. A concussion can even occur when there is not a blow to the head. These symptoms aren’t always evident; they may take days or even weeks to surface.

It is important to have yourself checked out by a physician right after your accident in order to diagnose your true injuries. When involved in a car accident of this grandeur it is important to retain professional help form a personal injury attorney. These personal injury attorneys are able to find doctors on lien that will be able to treat you with no up-front cost. Personal injury attorneys have been using the free online directory to find quality doctors for their clients. A specialist like a neurologist who is able to treat head injuries can be very difficult to find, especially when the treatment is needed to be done on a lien. Along with other obscure specialties, the Power Liens research staff has compiled a directory that has become an invaluable asset to every personal injury attorney practicing today.

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