Power Liens is Launching Nationally to Help Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Attorneys Find Doctors they Need

Once a game of cat and mouse, one directory-style website is taking the hassle out of findingchiropractors and specialists for Personal Injury or Workers Comp victims.

Power Liens (http://www.powerliens.com), the largest directory of Personal Injury and Workers Compensation physicians working on liens, has announced that they are launching nationwide this summer, starting with Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Philadelphia, and Michigan, with more states to be added later this year.


While most Personal Injury cases only require a chiropractor, more serious cases involve injuries that often require numerous and varied specialists to treat the patient. For lawyers, it can be quite difficult finding local specialists who work on a lien basis (where the doctor is willing to wait to receive payment when the Personal Injury/Workers Compensation case is settled, rather than immediately billing the patient). The free and simple Power Liens directory includes hundreds of chiropractors, orthopedists, physical therapists, radiologists and many others who do precisely this type of Personal Injury or Workers Compensation work. The site is location-based, so attorneys can simply type in their client’s address, select the specialist they need, and find a doctor nearby.


“Finding a doctor close to their client is a key way for attorneys to build their relationship with their client through an often-stressful lawsuit process. Our ultimate goal is to help attorneys do their jobs better and make their clients happy.” said Founder and COO, Jason Ramin.


Power Liens also makes it easy for lawyers who are looking for very specific types of doctors with their integrated filtering function. Their physician search can be narrowed down by type of degree, expert witnesses, special treatments, office hours, etc.


Power Liens hopes to be in every state in the US by 2014.


For more information, please visit http://www.powerliens.com.


About Power Liens

Power Liens (http://www.powerliens.com) is the largest directory of Personal Injury and Workers Compensation physicians working on liens. Built as a free, easy-to-use resource for attorneys looking for doctors near their clients, Power Liens is the only place to find specialists like orthopedists, physical therapists, radiologists, neurologists, and others on working on a lien basis. 100% free to use and no sign-up required, simply go to http://www.PowerLiens.com, type in your client’s location and select the type of physician you need. You can even filter your results by office hours, degrees, special treatments, etc.


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